A friend once told me, “Ben, you’re like that BASF company.”

At that time, BASF (the world’s largest chemical corporation), ran ads with this tag line:

“BASF. We don’t make a lot of the things you buy; we make a lot of the things you buy better.”

What my friend meant was that my greatest professional strength was to diagnose, refine, and improve things. And I think he was right.

That same friend was also present when someone else introduced me as “The Doctor.” Though I cringed a bit when he first said it, the more I thought about it, the more I thought he was right, too.

In the classroom, in consulting projects, in executive education, or in my blogs and social media, that’s what I do: diagnose, refine, improve.

A long-running joke between me and another friend involves the use of the word practicing in certain professions, as in “We’re ‘just practicing!’” (no apologies to Allen Iverson).

However, the more I’ve explored the fields of management and sport business, I’ve grown to understand why that term is used: we’ll always “just be practicing” them in an effort to get better. Same goes for me.

Join me in the journey. Participate in the practice.

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